姓名: 黄阳
职称: 讲师



黄阳(Elvis. Y. HUANG;  ཉི་མ་རྡོ་རྗེ། ),19833月,香港城市大学中文、翻译及语言学系哲学博士(Doctor of Philosophy, City University of Hong Kong),西南交通大学人文学院教师,硕士生导师。《方言》(2016:4)民族语文》(2014:1、2010:1)、《大江东去:王士元教授八十岁贺寿论文集》、《南方语言学》等发表论文。曾受邀在美国德克萨斯(Texas, USA)、匈牙利、法国尼斯(NiceFrance)、法国鲁昂(Rouen France)、泰国清迈,中国香港、北京、广州、西安、合肥、南昌等地的国际会议及高研会上宣读会议论文。主持国家社科基金项目一项(2016-2020)、教育部国家语委项目一项(2016-2018)、中央高校百人计划项目一项(2016-2017;参与国家重大课题两项(20152014。合译西方专著一部(北京世图出版社出版)。

I have four major strands of research. I am interested in Language Typology, Contact Linguistics, Historical Linguistics and Language Documentation. After a three-year fieldwork survey of the Southern Zhuang dialects in Guangxi Autonomous Region, China, I wrote a concise reference grammar of Jingxi Zhuang. In recent years, I ventured into unraveling the process and outcome of the grammatical change induced by language contact. I used to focus on seven Zhuang dialects and four Chinese dialects in Guangxi Region, extrapolating a Linguistic Area of the Southern-Central Guangxi Region which is advocated in most of my papers. Now, my research interest is in the sphere of endangered-language documentation (Manyak and nDrapa, Tibeto-Burman group) in Western Sichuan, China. 

1. Qualification & Affiliation 学术经历:

1美国语言学会会员(Linguistic Soceity of America)(2015--

2香港语言学会会员(Linguistic Soceity of Hong Kong)(2010--

3国际东南亚语言学会会员(Southeast Asian Linguistics Society2012-- 

  (4)   国际中国语言学会会员(International Association of Chinese Linguistics)(2017--)

  (5)   中国民族语言学会会员2016-)

2. Research Interests 主要研究兴趣:
1)Language Typology 语言类型学、Contact Linguistics 接触语言学、Grammaticalization 语法化与语言演变
2)Language Documentation in Guangxi Region and Western Sichuan 广西境内侗台语及四川西部藏缅语(Muya 木雅语西部方言、nDrapa 扎巴语)的形态句法特征。

3. A. Research Grants & Funding (as Principal Investigator) 项目主持人:

1)The National Social Fund of China, Young Scholar Project 2016 国家社科基金青年项目 'A Reference Grammar of Muya'《木雅语西部方言语法研究》 (Approved NO. 编号:16CYY058,Duration 年限 2016-2020)

2)Ministry of Education of China & National Language Committee, Language Protection Project 2016 教育部、国家语委中国语言资源保护工程项目 'Ethnic Language Documentation- The nDrapa Language in Western Sichuan'《民族语调查四川雅江扎巴语》 (Approved NO. 编号:YB1624A109,Duration 年限 2016-2018)

3)100 Talents Program for the Central Universities 2016 中央高校2016年度百人计划项目 'Language Contact in Muya and Guiqiong'《川西木雅语和贵琼语中的若干语言接触现象研究》(Approved NO. 编号:26816WBR10,Duration 年限 2016-2017)

 (4).2016年西南交通大学双语/英语教学示范课程项目《语言、交际与社会》(年限 2016-2018)。

   B. Joint Research Project (as Chief Research Fellow) 参研项目:

(1)The Ford Foundation.2018-2020. 'China's Urban Future:  Policy, People and Social Change'. Sub-project leader: Gerald Roche. University of Melbourne.

(2)The National Social Fund of China, Major Project 2014 国家社会科学基金重大项目 Study on the Semantic Change of Chinese: A Functional-Typological Perspective《功能—类型学取向的汉语语义演变研究》Approved NO.号:14ZDB098、Investigator 主持人:吴福祥、Duration 年限:2014-2019)。

(3)The National Social Fund of China, Major Project 2015 国家社会科学基金重大项目 Lexicon of Grammaticalization of the Languages in China 《中国境内语言语法化词库建设》Approved NO. 号:15ZDB100、Investigator 主持人:洪波、Duration 年限:2015-2020)。

4.A. Journal articles文章发表情况

(1) 黄阳. 2016. Reflecting on the grammatical property of the post-verbal morpheme ‘ɬai33’ in the Nanning Yue dialect, Fangyan  4:410-419 (In Chinese. 《南宁粤语的助词》,《方言》 第4期) [CSSCI] PDF

(2) Huang, Yang黄阳 & Bit-Chee Kwok郭必之. 2014. Polygrammaticalization of the ‘FINISH’ verbs in the Zhuang language, Minzu Yuwen 1:21-32. (In Chinese. 壮语方言完毕动词的多向语法化模式,《民族语文》1) [ERIH & CSSCI]  PDF

(3) Huang. Yang黄阳 & Bit-Chee Kwok郭必之. 2013. Diffusions of the manner particles in Chinese dialects and Tai-Kadai languages of Guangxi: Their origins, processes and implications. In Gang Peng & Feng Shi (eds.), Eastward Flows the Great Rivers: Festschrift in Honor of Professor William S-Y. Wang on his 80 th Birthday, 521-540. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press (In Chinese. 方式助词在广西汉语方言和壮侗语中的扩散:源头、过程及启示,载《大江东去:王士元教授八十岁贺寿论文集》,香港:香港城市大学出版社)

(4) Qin, Fengyu覃凤余 & Yang Huang黄阳. 2010. The characteristic of the double negators in the Zhuang language revised, Minzu Yuwen 1. (In Chinese. 也谈壮语否定词的语序,《民族语文》1) [ERIH & CSSCI]  PDF

(5) Huang, Yang黄阳 & Bo Chen程博. 2010. The multi-functions of the locatives in the Jingxi Zhuang, Journal of Baise College 2. (In Chinese. 靖西壮语的方所系统,《百色学院学报》第2)

B. Book Chapters目章节

(1) Kwok, Bit-Chee, Chiew Pheng Phua, Yang Huang & Yancheng He. (under preparation). 'Language Contact'  in  'The Linguistic Encyclopaedia of China'. (In Chinese. 《语言接触》,郭必之、潘秋平、黄阳等著,收入《中国大百科全书—语言学—历史语言学及语言接触词条》,编写过程中)

(2) Huang, Yang & Fuxiang Wu. (under 2nd-round external review). Central Southern Guangxi as a Grammaticalization Area. In Sylvie Hancil & Werner Abraham (eds.), Grammaticalization Perspectives (Proceedings for the 2nd International Meeting of Grammaticalization, Studies in Language Companion Series, SLCS). Berlin & New York: John Benjamins Publishing Company.  

C. Translations 译著

(1) Wu, Fuxiang, Haiping Long, Yang Huang. 2017. (Chinese Translation of Bernd Heine et al. (eds.), Grammaticalization: A Conceptual Framework). Beijing: World Publishing Company. (In Chinese. 《语法化》,吴福祥、龙海平、黄阳 等翻译,北京:世界图书出版公司)

D. Paper Presentations 会议论文及会议报告

2017 Spatial Marking in the Muya Language. Paper presented at the 23rd International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL 23), University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA, 31 July- 4 Aug. 2017. LINK

2017 Revisiting the Spatial Orientation in the Muya Language. Paper presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL-25), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, June 25- June 27, 2017.

2017 Keeping the nDrapa language alive: Documentation and revitalization. Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Documentary Linguistics- Asian Perspective (DLAP-2), University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 25-27 May. 2017. LINK

2017 “扎巴语的致使结构”,第50届国际汉藏语言暨语言学会议(ICSTLL-50),2017年11月25-28,社科院民族与人类学研究所。  

2017 ”木雅语普沙绒话的致使结构“,中国民族语言学会语言类型学会第一届年会,2017年10月12-14,安徽中医药大学。

2016 Areal grammaticalization and linguistic area: Where should the Guangxi Region go? Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Grammaticalization Theory and Data, Rouen, France, 25-27 April. 2016. 

2015 《区域扩散与语言接触:完结、周遍语素在广西境内语言中的功能演变》,第2届语类型学国际学术研讨会(暨2015中国社会科学院社会科学论坛),中国南昌大学,20151016—20日。


Polyfunctionality of the postverbal aspect marker: The case of ‘FINISH’ and its variants in the Zhuang, paper presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistic Society (SEALS25), Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 27-29 May. 2015. (In Chinese.《体标记的多功能性浅谈壮语中完结动词及其功能变异》,第25届国际东南亚语言学会年会,西北大学,泰国清迈,2015527—29)


Language contact in the Guangxi Region: On the evolution of the postverbal in the Nanning Yue, paper presented in the Annual Research Forum of the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong (ARF), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 7-8 Dec. 2013. (In Chinese.《广西的语言接触情况以南宁粤语助词的演变为例》,香港语言学会年会,香港理工大学,2013127—8)


A new look on the origin of the attributive markers in Zhuang, paper presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistic Society (SEALS22), Agay, France, 30 May-4 Jun. 2012. (In Chinese.《壮语定语标记来源新探》,第22届国际东南亚语言学会年会,法国阿盖,2012530—64)


The development of the aspectual function of ‘saai33’ in Nanning Yue, paper presented at the 17th International Conference on Yue Dialects, Jinan University, Guangzhou, 8-9 Dec. 2012. (In Chinese. 《南宁粤语多功能语素体貌标记功能的发展》,第17届国际粤方言研讨会,暨南大学,中国广州,2012128—9)

5.PhD Thesis 博士论文(英文,约10万字):

Synchronic Variation, Grammaticalization and Language Contact: The Development of the FINISH Morphemes in the Yue-Chinese and the Zhuang Languages in the Guangxi Region. City University of Hong Kong.   Download via: PDF

《共时变异、语法化与语言接触:论南宁粤语及壮语中“完毕”语素的演变》香港城市大学中文及历史学系博士毕业论文,中国香港,20148月) 下载地址:PDF

6. Fieldwork Experience田野调查经历:                                                          



Investigating Yue varieties (Sinitic) in Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region 广西南宁粤语、百色粤语调查



Investigating Northern Zhuang (Tai-Kadai) varieties in Wuming, Guangxi Autonomous Region 广西武鸣北部壮语调查



A comprehensive investigation on Pinghua and Southwest Mandarin in Fusui County and Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region 广西扶绥县平话、扶绥官话调查



A large survey of Southern Zhuang varieties across Guangxi Autonomous Region 广西境内靖西、龙州南部壮语调查



An in-depth investigation on the grammar of Jingxi Zhuang in Nanning and Jingxi County,  Guangxi Autonomous Region 广西靖西壮语实地调查(约3年)




(Ongoing project) Investigating the Manyak and nDrapa language (Tibeto-Burman) at the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province 四川甘孜藏族自治州木雅语、扎巴语调查 


7. 指导硕士生情况

a.    2017年,指导人数:3人,指导专业:汉语国际教育

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