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The Famous Poet and Scholar Ren Hongyuan Gave a Lecture in Our School

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On June 20, 2017, professor Ren Hongyuan, a famous scholar from Beijing Normal University, gave a lecture for teachers and students of School of Humanities in X8215 of Xipu campus. Professor Ren is also known as a poet and research fellow from Institute of Chinese Poetry of Beijing University. The topic of this lecture is“The word, life and space in contemporary Chinese Poetics.”

Professor Ren presented in 3 aspects that how to break away from the shackle of history and culture and create life and energy to old Chinese language combined with his writing experience. Firstly, the modern Chinese that professor Ren referred is just like ancient Chinese without the fetter of logic. Our Chinese language is the original experience of life and the language of“noun’s sports”. Secondly, professor Ren showed tense and space-time structure of Chinese language by taking examples of Dufu and Yeats’s poems. He pointed that Chinese has inherent treasure of which we can take advantage. Finally, professor Ren proposed radical, which is the internal mechanism of Chinese’s development. And it is objectified world to people.

Last but not the least, as a part of culture, Chinese language meets with other country’s inevitably.We should pay attention to this phenomenon. Such as Chan Zong with Chinese characteristics, which is the combination of our culture and India culture in Wei-Jin period. That was a stupendous meeting. The last a hundred year, Chinese meets Latin language. What we need to do is bringing them together. We must listen, talk and communicate with each other, so that we could learn about the world and get development.