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The 2017 Graduation Ceremony was Held in School of Humanities

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On June 23, the 2017 graduation ceremony and commencement was held in x8242 in School of Humanities.The executive dean Xiang Zhongmin, the vice president Shen Ruquan and other leaders and representatives of teaching staff had attended the ceremony.


Before the beginning of ceremony, 4 students from Chinese Language department had read poems to showing their love and memories to our school. And then, the ceremony started with the school song.


The executive dean Xiang Zhongmin gave a commencement address to encourage students through the school motto.He hoped that all students can have a bright future. Professor Shi Lei from department of Communication took a speech as a teacher representative. He said that students should not forget the university and School of Humanities in whether favorable place or dilemma. Welcome students to come back to regain the past memories.



 Next, leaders from the school had awarded the outstanding graduates. The representative student Zhao Danya made a speech to show gratitude to teachers and the school. She said that school is just like our home, and we should make every effort to study and work for the future of our university and our country.


During the commencement, the members from academic committee of School of Humanities had granted degree certificate to students and take group photos with them.The representatives of graduates had sent flowers to teachers in turn.


We laugh and cry with departure in this June.This is the end as well as a beginning. We hope that every student could start their travel to the world with dreams.