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Singing for Love——Students from Department of Music run events in Qiong Lai

来源:国际化办公室  作者:国际化办公室     日期:2017-07-13   点击数:95  

On June 22, students from department of Music in School of Humanities went to Qiong Lai to take part in a 3-day practical activity under the guidance of professor Xu Chanjuan and professor Li Fan.

The first part of this activities is a theme night with the topic of “helping the poverty with culture, singing for love”. Students performed several musical shows including vocal music, musical instruments, chorus and dancing. Their performance was well received by leaders and audience present.

The next day, students went to BaiMoJiang school to take part in a event for caring stay-at-home children. 35 children were divided into two groups according to their preference. And then, their were taught with musical instruments and dancing by students for our School. These children learned about the knowledge of electronic organ, Zheng and Pipa, and had learned how to dance.

Students had improved their abilities and experience on the stage through this practical activity. Meanwhile, the group cohesiveness and reputations of our School had been increased during the planning process to the event.