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Deputy Dean Shen Ruquan Attended the Forum for General Education with a Report

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    On July 17, deputy dean Shen Ruquan from School of Humanities had attended the forum for general education and the meeting of general education in Sichuan-Chongqing area in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. He made a report in the forum.

    The topic of this meeting is “General Education and Setting High Moral Values and to Cultivate Persons”. Plenty of questions like optimization of talents training in high education, system construction for general education, reform of teaching method and advanced practices for evaluation of general education had been discussed. The vice president Ma Xiao from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and more than 110 leaders and scholars from other domestic universities had attended the meeting.

    Teachers from our university to the forum were lead by professor Hao Li. The deputy dean Shen Ruquan from our school gave a report named “Road and Light: thinking and practice from a general educator”. The metaphor “road and light” was used to account for consistency between general education and setting high moral values and to cultivate persons. Some case studies were introduced to show how to combine the both into actual teaching, which received great interests among participants.

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