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The Forum of Problem, Position and Experience in Literary Theory Held in SWJTU

来源:国际化办公室  作者:国际化办公室     日期:2017-12-14   点击数:48  

During December 9 to 10, the summit forum of problem, position and experience in literary theory held in Jinghu Hotel of Jiuli campus , which was jointly sponsored by School of Humanities in SWJTU and Institute of Chinese Literature Theory. Nearly 30 experts like Yang Huilin, Zhu Guohua, Wang Jiaxin and Yang Xiaoyan from Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, East China Normal University and other Universities in China had attended this forum.

On the opening ceremony, professor Shen Huoming from SWJTU expressed the warm welcome to participants. After a brief introduction about the development of Southwest Jiaotong University in recent years, professor Shen also showed his hopes on the forum which could bring momentum to humanities in our university. The secretary Xiang Zhongmin and professor Duan Congxue from School of Humanities showed their appreciations to the supports from scholars and exports. People had also cherished the memory of the distinguished professor Yu Hong of SWJTU. After the opening ceremony, the participants had taken a group photo before the hotel.

And then, experts and scholars had delivered their academic papers with plentiful topics, such as problems and challenges, history and present in literary theory, arts criticism and theory, and literary thought of Yu Hong. These subjects had reflected current situations of humanities and triggered abundant discussions to the forum. For instance, professor Yang Huilin from Renmin University of China and professor Wu Xingmin from Sichuan Universities had showed that the theory of Literature and Art is very significant to the resource of Chinese thoughts. Besides, the reports from professor Xu Xingyan, Duan Congxue, Liao Heng and doctor Deng Jianhua had set out from professor Yu Hong’s works and items, which was for reviewing his academic achievements and contemporary meaning.

In the evening of December 9 and the morning of 10, some of the scholars had attended related activities to honor their memory and grieve to Yu Hong. The forum ended with a great success in the afternoon of December 10.