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Associate Professor Li Renfei was on “Lecture Room” of CCTV for the Third Time

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Recently, associate professor Li Renfei had been in the taping of“Lecture Room” of CCTV for a new 18-episode program about Guan Zhong, who was a famous chief minister of the state of Qi in ancient China. It is the third time he had been on this program after the lecture of“Famous Minister Yan Ying” and“Chinese Clothing”.

Professor Li had introduced that Guan Zhong was honored as the most famous politician in ancient China by Liang Qichao. The theory and practice from him not only generated prosperity to the state of Qi, but also influenced the modern society. Nowadays, Chinese people have been utilized lots of thoughts from Guang Zhong without knowing the origins, such as“people-oriented”,“It takes a hundred years to educate the people” and“Every order is executed without fail”. Some western theories like concepts of management are actually consisted in the theoretical framework of Guan Zhong. Although the contexts were different, the essence of was the same. The life of Guan Zhong suffered many adversities, so interpreting his life and things is inspirational for young people and entrepreneurs to a certain extent.

Professor Li offers the courses of“Managementidea from Qi’s famous minister Guan Zhong and Yan Yin” and“Culture of traditional Chinese Clothing”. The book Learning Management from Guan Zhong has published. More than one hundred thousand people have taken part in his mooc online course.