School of Humanities

The School of Humanities of Southwest Jiaotong University was founded in July, 2015. It is composed of Chinese Department, Communication Department, and Music Department from former School of Arts and Communication, as well as newly included philosophy and history discipline. School of Humanities owns a complete cultivation system of bachelors, masters and doctors. It possesses a first-level doctoral program for Chinese Language and Literature, three first level master’s programs for Philosophy, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism and Communication, professional master’s program of MTCSOL, Journalism and Communication, and MFA, as well as 4 undergraduate programs of Chinese literature, Communication, Advertising, and Music Performance.        

There are 4 teaching and research departments in School of Humanities, namely, Chinese Department, Communication Department, Music Department, and Philosophy and Science Department. It also offers general education (Humanities) and aesthetic education, playing an important role in improving students’ humanistic and aesthetic quality and contributing to the connotation and foundation of the century-old university.