College of Humanities Has Carried Out a Series of Employment Activities

Date: April 21, 2021

In order to enable the college students to start career planning as soon as possible, better grasp the employment situation, and improve the comprehensive ability of students, the college has carried out a series of employment activities.

1Employment guidance

(1) Cooperation agreement signed between college and enterprise

On March 25, 2020 and April 14, 2021, the College of Humanities signed cooperation agreements with well-known enterprises including Beijing Gaotu Yunji Education Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Ape Future Technology Co., Ltd. respectively, aiming to win more personal promotion and employment opportunities for students of the College of Humanities through cooperation between the two sides, and send more excellent Humanities students to high-quality enterprises.

(2) Establishment of educational practice base

The College of Humanities and Gaotu Education have jointly established an educational practice base. The establishment of the base not only opened a new chapter for the cooperation between Gaotu Education and our college, but also prepared an excellent skill training place for students. After the details are improved, students can go to the base to learn the teaching skills and exercise their oral expression and on-the-spot speech ability. At the same time, for students who really want to engage in education, it is also a rare trial and employment choice.

2Help for postgraduate entrance examination

(1) Systematic learning, mature in mind

——Southwest Jiaotong University Series Courses in School

Offcn, together with the College of Humanities, has created a series of courses in Southwest Jiaotong University, providing free and systematic learning courses for the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination students, covering the postgraduate entrance examination politics and English courses, the civil service examination course, the CET-4 and CET-6 courses, as well as promoting the sharing and explanation of graduate students.


This series of courses is offered every week, with a total of 46 class hours this semester, which is expected to last until May. All the courses are public welfare, free of charge, and provide free materials and handouts for students. This series of courses aims to enable the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination students to enter the learning and test preparation state of the system courses as soon as possible, in order to obtain good results.

(2) Race in April, from 0 to 1

——Offcn postgraduate entrance examination camp

From April 3rd to 5th, it is the Qingming holiday. Considering that some students are relatively free during the holiday, Offcn and the College of Humanities will hold the postgraduate entrance examination camp. This activity is held in Offcn education future learning city. Students can stay in dormitories for free and learn 12 hours of excellent courses for free. The purpose of this activity is to guide the students who are going to take part in the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination in the selection of schools and majors, the formulation of review plans for target majors, and the guidance and strategies of high score for public courses.


(3) Recognize the situation and make early preparations

——Lectures on postgraduate entrance examination

At 2 p.m. on April 15, 2021, the College of Humanities held the postgraduate entrance examination lecture on journalism and communication and the speech on Chinese international education. The two lectures conducted college analysis and school selection guidance for the two majors and explained how to prepare for the examination. At the same time, the college also provided students with a set of online courses and books for the postgraduate entrance examination in collaboration with Offcn for free.

3Career planning

(1) Self-awareness and proper planning

——Press conference of career planning courses

At 7:00 p.m. on March 26, 2021, Offcn and Southwest Jiaotong University Students' Career Planning Series Courses Conference was held in X4350 classroom. The meeting was attended by Mr. Liu Xingxing, Head of Offcn Sichuan Branch, Mr. Jiang Yadong and Mr. Liang Xiao of Offcn, and Mr. Lu Qin, Counselor of grade 2017 and Mr. Liu Hanyue, Counselor of grade 2018 of the College of Humanities.


The purpose of this meeting is to let students have a certain understanding of the current situation of employment and further education, to make them aware of the importance of career planning, and to help them establish career planning as soon as possible.

(2) A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

——Visit the Offcn learning base for practice activities

In order to help students exercise their personal comprehensive quality and determine their career planning as soon as possible, at 14:00 on March 27, 2021, the College of Humanities and Offcn jointly arranged an outdoor visit and practice of employment guidance for students. This practice activity was led by Lu Qin, Counselor of 2017 in the College of Humanities. A total of 50 undergraduates from different grades participated in this activity.


This activity was held in Offcn future learning city, which not only made us feel the learning atmosphere of head education enterprises on the spot, but also made us listen to the analysis and explanation of various graduation destinations by professionals, so as to deepen our understanding of graduation destinations such as postgraduate entrance examination, public examination and employment. At the same time, it helped students create opportunities and platforms for students to broaden their horizons, communication experience. According to the feedback of the students participating in the activities, these activities organized by the college are of great help to them, especially the postgraduate entrance examination series of public welfare courses, which have been highly praised by the students.

In the face of the severe employment situation after the epidemic, the College of Humanities actively responded to the employment challenge and carried out a series of actions to ensure, stabilize and promote employment. Since the beginning of this year, it has covered all the students in the college, and the employment guidance activities have achieved good repercussions. Next, it will continue to carry out the employment mobilization and guidance, and promote the employment action, hoping to help improve the students' personal comprehensive ability.