[The College of Humanities Is Gorgeous, Time Is Like a Flower] A Gift from the College of Humanities to the Graduates of 2021

Date: June 15, 2021

Time flies, and it's also the graduation season. At this special and important moment, in order to express the college's good wishes to the graduates of 2021, the teachers of the student working group carefully prepared graduation souvenir gifts for all the graduates of 2021.

White T-shirt: May the youth be as vigorous as a crane

The first gift the college prepared for students is a white T-shirt. The clothes are made of pure cotton and white. The logo of Southwest Jiaotong University and the words "College of Humanities" are embroidered on the left chest. The design is elegant red, which is also the theme color of the College of Humanities. The college hopes that students can remember the blue of the university as well as the red of the college.

Graduation means embarking on a new journey, whether it is to continue to study or work, is a new starting point. It is often said that society is a big dye vat, in which everyone is affected. The college hopes that at any stage of life, the students who come out of the College of Humanities can maintain the scholar's elegance and youthful vigor, just like a clean white T-shirt in summer.

A ring: May the youth always have the heart of self-discipline and guard against arrogance and impatience

The second gift the College prepares for students is a ring, which is the exclusive commemoration of the graduates of the College of Humanities. The ring is designed with oblique matt design, the outer ring is the school emblem and name of Southwest Jiaotong University, and the inner ring is the student number. This means that each ring is unique, corresponding to every 2021 graduates of the Humanities College.

Ring has always expressed the meaning of control. In addition to decoration and commemorative significance, the College of Humanities prepares such a gift for undergraduate students. It also hopes that students can be strict with themselves, get rid of impetuousness and stick to their hearts in the new stage of life. The society is wonderful, the world is noisy, and people are often influenced and impacted by the outside world, so as to relax their vigilance and reduce their requirements. The college hopes that this ring can arouse the self-discipline of the students when it reminds us of the beautiful university life.

A seal: Wish the youth to keep the ambition of literati and become a cultural person

The third gift prepared by the college for students is a seal, which is the exclusive souvenir of master's degree graduates. The seal is rectangular in shape, made of pure white jade. On the side of the seal are the words "2021 College of Humanities" and the names of the students. Each seal is also unique and ornamental.

Seal is an object with Chinese characteristics, which shows the specific history and culture, customs and the unique values and aesthetics of Chinese culture. It has a strong breath of life and unique artistic style, which coincides with the temperament of the College of Humanities. The college presents this as a graduation souvenir to the graduates of master's degree. The college hopes that even if you go out of the campus, you can remember the spirit of Humanity and retain the ambition of scholars. Life may be boring, but art and culture can cultivate sentiment and clean up the soul.

A souvenir book: May the youth carry the memory of youth and make great progress

The fourth gift the college prepares for students is a graduation album. The main contents of the graduation album are the photos and speeches of the 2021 graduates, including the students' personal photos and group photos, and the students' graduation feelings. The binding of this book is not only a summary of students' four years of university life, but also an attempt to preserve the wonderful pictures of students in the university.

The college hopes that every graduate from the College of Humanities can remember his youth appearance and struggle figure, and remember the beautiful bits of his university life. I hope this book will bring you not only the memories of the university, but also the spirit and courage of the past.

Two postcards: May the youth never forget the road when they come, and walk straight ahead

The fifth gift the college prepared for students is two postcards. The first is the self-expectation of each freshman when they entered the university in 2017. The second is a sincere message from the counselor to each student on the occasion of graduation. Admission and graduation, two moments, mean the beginning and end of the college life.

The college hopes that when students get these two postcards, they will see their admission expectations and the graduation message of counselors, and they can think about: how are the four years of college going? How different is it from the expectation at that time? How are you going to spend your days in the future? The college hopes that every graduate can always reflect on themselves and go to the future with a new attitude.

Above all, these are the graduation memorial gifts prepared by the college for 2021 graduates. They may not be so expensive and exquisite, but each one has a unique meaning. Wish the 2021 graduates of the College of Humanities a bright future!